Sports Therapy

Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy is available through our partners at Bodylogics

Back pain
Back pain

Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy at Bodylogics specialise in MSK and Injury Management.  We believe prevention is better than cure and work to treat the issue first before developing prevention strategies to stop it happening again.

We work with a wide range of patients, from elite athletes to office workers all the way through to post-operative care where we work with some of the leading consultants and surgeons in London, helping their patients recover with the best care possible.

Our Approach

We believe that everyone has the right to live pain free and not settle for poor standards of care.  We work hard to ensure that you are the most important person in the whole process of getting you better.

Treatment is always tailored to your needs and we ensure a positive relationship is established with everyone you see at Bodylogics.

Our work over the years has led to multiple reviews, and the common theme always is how valued and cared for people feel with us when visiting.  We promise this will continue for as long as we are here.

Assessment and Treatment

We use regular objective testing so you can see the progress you are making and to also ensure everyone is doing their best to reach the end outcome.

We combine these tests with regular hands-on treatment and re-evaluation of any home exercise programme we may set for you.

We track and alter depending on your success. We also only need to see you when we believe it is relevant. You will never have a wasted appointment with us at Bodylogics.

What to expect on your first visit

Upon booking with us you will receive an email notification with confirmation of your appointment. We will also ask you to complete an optional patient intake form which is designed to give you a chance to explain as much as you can about why you are seeing us but also to enable your therapist to prepare for your visit to us.

Upon arrival, we will go through a full assessment with you to find out the root cause of your pain/issue. We will then work with you to explain the issue so you are fully aware of what is happening and what the plan is going to be to treat and cure the issue.

The Treatment Session

Within your session, your therapist is likely to go through a series of tests to help give an accurate diagnosis. If necessary, we may advise you to have a scan which we can arrange for you with our recommended providers. Most of the time though this is not needed.

Once the diagnosis has been established we will begin work on relieving the pain first and foremost. If you are visiting us and not in pain at that moment then we may spend some time going over some intervention strategies to help you on your pathway to recovery.

These interventions may include exercises, specific stretches or how to mobilise a joint. We may also use things such as soft tissue work or dry needles to help activate and relieve muscles, ready to begin your recovery journey.

Follow Up Care

After your session, you should have a clear and established diagnosis with a clear pathway set out. Our promise to you is that you are fully updated on what your condition is, the time frame in which you should expect to get better and the plan which we aim to follow in order to resolve your issue.

It is a large part of what we pride ourselves on and we spend a large amount of time meeting as a team to discuss certain conditions and share our knowledge amongst us all. This is why you can be confident in whoever you see with us at Bodylogics.

Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy


For online bookings you can book direct with Bodylogics below, or for more information or enquiries call 020 8368 9220 or email

Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy

45 minute appointment (assessment + treatment) – £65

30 minutes (treatment) – £48

Sports Massage

90 minute (treatment) – £85

60 minute (treatment) – £65

45 minute (treatment)  – £55

30 minutes (treatment) – £40

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"After having wrist pain, I decided to go for physiotherapy, and was recommended Bodylogics. I'm re-ally pleased I did as my physiotherapist, Monika has been excellent. She explains clearly what to do for each exercise, why each one helps, and has been super friendly throughout. I've been really happy with my experience there."

“An extremely warm and welcoming greeting and wait in the lovely relaxing waiting area. Extremely knowledgeable staff in all sectors and very friendly. Any question I had was answered with full knowledge and detail. I am in early stages of my treatment , however, I feel better already after my first session and I am certain Bodylogics will eradicate the problem for me as soon as possible. Highly recommend”

"BODYLOGICS is a fantastic company with such a great variety of treatments. I had been suffering with the aftermath of a prolapsed disk. Jason has been treating me & I am gaining increased mobility & comfort in the affected areas. He is a star!! Thank you!"

"I am very happy with the progress I have made with Monika. I choose Bodylogics in Crescent Road as it was near my home, but I was a hesitant as I had recently seen two highly regarded physios who did not help/made my condition worse. Monika listens to me, goes at an appropriate pace and has created a perfect exercise programme. Even though its a small, local clinic and the previous physios I saw had fancy London clinics with more facilities, the treatment I have had here is miles better and I would definitely recommend Bodylogics and Monika."

“I have a wonderful experience with Bodylogics clinic. I've been seeing Jason Dodds for a few months. He is very knowledgeable, patient and understandable to my pain. I can trust that I am in good hands. I would highly recommend Jason and the Bodylogics clinic.”

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